Retractable Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
Hides Away During The Day

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Conventional landscape lighting is above ground
and susceptible to many traffic hazards during
daylight hours, such as lawnmowers, children,
and pets. More often then not, a few weeks after
installing a lighting system of this convention,
the product would be bent over or broken.

About Our Company

This unique pneumatic, retractable outdoor lighting system was developed and patented in the late 1990's.

Retract-A-Light, LLC acquired the system in 2007 and made extensive improvements. The Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Warehouse are in Tequesta, FL.

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Why RAL?

  • The Retract-A-Light system is a low voltage outdoor lighting system that when triggered by its 24-hour timer, it retracts into the ground when it is off or pops up providing light at night much like some sprinkler system. The lights are pushed up by air and the system has been tested and works in all types of climates. Unlike other systems it is protected from damage during the day that can come from lawn mowers, weed whackers and people or kids. Because it is 12 volt system, it is easier and less expensive to install and runs more efficiently than 120 volt outdoor lighting systems. Plus the slender black fixtures will not detract from landscaping when they are illuminated.













Fidel from California This item looks and works great. I've been going out every night to watch them light and pop up.. Wife thinks i'm silly.
Thinking of adding some to the back yard as well. Customer service at Retract-A-Light were really helpful in helping me out
with some questions I had during the installation.